Bumper Repair

Bumper Repair
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Have Bumper Damage?

Avoid expensive, time-consuming body shops. Get your bumper fixed at Legacy. Plastic bumper repair is affordable. Anything that has a plastic bumper is prone to experience a dent or need some minor repairs from time to time.

Legacy provides bumper repairs for every make and model of car. Bring in your car today to see how we can your bumper back to life!

Bumper Repairs – Starting at $175

Minor bumper repairs don’t have to include “traditional” auto body repair techniques. Our repair process can fix most damage occurring in day to day use. The Legacy process focuses on only the damaged areas without having to replace the entire bumper. The repair cost is often much less than an insurance deductible and can help restore the image of your vehicle and look. Don’t replace, Repair!

Save Cost with Spot-Blending

At Legacy Auto Detailing, our technicians utilize a technique known as Spot-Blending. Spot-blending is the process of “blending” the color of the particular damaged area to the rest of the panel.  Spot-blending can be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional auto body repairs and provides a like new appearance.

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